Thursday, February 18, 2010 its Best!!!!

Yo people! Wasssup???

Apologies for not blogging that often however I had to make time to post this masterpiece of an advertisement that I happened to notice while travelling by a local train today!

I was at a complete loss for words when I saw this outstanding artwork by "I-wish-I-could-meet-the-guy-who-made-this-design-once-before-I-die"

For all those who cannot read Hindi, the ad is basically trying to tell us about this God-awesome Sikander Shah who "challenges" all the fraudulent Bengali Babas who are taking his "loyal clients" away.

Now, mind you... these "loyal clients" are drunk, addicted, sex-deprived, jobless, non-married folk who flock to this amazing guy to get rid of all their woes!!!!

Whats more, he offers a 3-day "Vashikaran" FREE FREE FREE!!!!!

Oh... by the way, VashiKaran is a technique to change situations and circumstances in one's favor and get what one wants!!!!! (#$^%@&#%@^$%@^#@%$#@^$#%@&#@^!&)

And, I, in all my glee clicked this ad to share it with all those who want some Vashikaran and what-not to be done!

Good Luck,

PS: Not to self - I should get in touch with this Sikander Baba and ask him to pay me if he gets any clients through my blog-post :P

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At 3:36 pm , Blogger shabbir said...

Hahaha...a great topic and very wittily written...please follow it up with a series on similar advertisements

At 3:43 pm , Blogger Mitchelle Carvalho said...

Thanks S! Btw, thanks for bringing it to my notice...Guys, VashiKaran means the art of CONTROLLING somebody else.....Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!


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